Everything you need to know about oulm watch 2017/6/7 15:05:36

Everything you need to know about oulm watch

What is the MOQ?

What kind of watches do you want to wholesale? Different kind of watches have different price, the price of Oulm generally between 30 yuan to 50 yuan, Because we are factory direct sale, we can offer you favorable price, Our MOQ is 10 piece, If the watches you choice are the same paragraph and the same color, 5 piece are allow. If the colors are different, at lease 10 piece available. We also support the watch custom business, please contact us or visit the factory directly! Tel: 020-36340961

If i want to wholesale watches, can i go to visit your company?

Yes, our watch factory is located in located in NO.1104.11/F JiaTian Watch Center, GuangYuan Xi Road,YueXiu District,Guangzhou,China. Near from Guangzhou train station, If you are in other parts of Guangzhou, please search OULM in the Baidu map to find the best route. You can also call the our company directly (020-36340961), oulm here to congratulate your visit!